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A special mother-daughter pair! Listen to Terri and Lizzi talk about why they were among the very first donors.

Edward talks about the benefits he anticipates as a first time donor.

We are grateful for all the parents, for example Tricia Preyer and Mary Hagan,h who already give generously of their time and money--during the blood drive we ask them for even more!

We couldn't have a blood drive without the organizational power of Mrs. Maynard.

Lizzi ('11) shares why she is donating.

Billy ('10) shares why and how he feels about donating blood.

Mr. Cranford keeps giving even though all his children have finished middle school.

Mrs.Goodman was an awesome 4th grade teacher who has given blood at the 2010 blood drive. Even though she passes out occasionally when she sees blood. Luckily this time she was just fine.

by an anonymous former student

Mr. Head is the driving force behind the GDS blood drive.

Snacks! Every donor's favorite part of the blood drive. . .

Pints of blood on the half-hour!

10:30 15 pints
11:30 33 pints