Quick facts about the GDS Blood Drive:
March 3rd, a Wednesday

It's time to sign up for jobs! There are jobs prior to the start of the blood drive and jobs on the day of the blood drive. It's almost time!

We had a great phone-a-thon! Even though, we got snowed out at first. On the first night we got 124 donors!

Cell phone room

Getting another donor!

Smile! Its Calling Time!

We are getting more donors!

We're getting ready to start calling and signing up members of the community for our blood drive. In order to prepare, students have been writing scripts and recording themselves making practice calls. Want to listen to a practice call?

We're rehearsing!
What should I say if . . .
How about what not to say?

It's time to sign up for the Phone-a-thon!

The blood drive is coming soon! Check our our videos page for some moving stories about people whose lives have been saved by blood donation.

We've all learned that one pint of blood can help save three lives. But, what else should we know about blood donation? Here are three webpages to use to collect more facts about how important blood donation is.


Red Cross FAQ about blood donation

56 Facts About Blood Donation

Please visit two of these three sites. In the discussion tab, write down some of the facts that you might share with potential donors during the phone-a-thon BESIDES the fact that they can help save three lives.